The OsEra Software Architecture project provides a formal model of OS-ERA.  The model is a High Level Architecture (HLA) and has two main parts: 

  1. One part defines the make-up of the software packages that the OS-ERA initiative will release. 
  2. The other part defines, also at a high level, the governance and management roles and functions that OS-ERA will require, and describes how projects that develop and release OS-ERA software packages will be organized. This Organizational Model is a strawman of what an OsEra Organization might look like as it is transitioned from a GSA sponsored effort to a multi-agency, multi-enterprise open source effort.

Active SubProjects

  • There is a current GSA-supported project to create a demonstration prototype of the OsEra architecture. Refinement of the Software Package Architecture of the High Level Architecture is an intended side-effect of this project. Refinement of the OsEra Organizational Model is out of scope. This project is expected to complete in February 2005


  • In future projects the HLA will be further refined using the experience gained in its application.
  • The OsEra Organizational Model will be modified as the transition of the organization to an open source community model is planned in greater deal.

Related Work & Resources

High Level Architecture V1

Closed SubProjects

  • The High Level Architecture, V1 was defined in a GSA-sponsored project which closed in March 2005