The Integrated Development Environment project provides an environment that integrated analysis, design, and provisioning tools, integrated through the Metadata Management & Semantic Core facilities.

Active SubProjects

There is a current GSA-supported project to create a demonstration prototype of the OsEra architecture. In this project the Eclipse Open Source Tooling Environment is being used as the basis for the integration of IDE components. This project is expected to complete in February 2005

Eclipse provides the Integrated Development Environment and Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) repository.  In addition to these core technologies there are a wide range of tools and runtime components integrated in Eclipse.  OsEra is able to produce and consume the artifacts of many of these other tools.

The tool integration framework provides for the adaptation of external tooling into the OsEra environment as well.

Current components include:

Other tools and formats will be integrated based on stakeholder demand and funding.


  • Roadmap is currently in planning

Related Work & Resources

Closed SubProjects

  • Under construction.