OsEra's "middle name" is "eGov". A principal goal of OsEra is to provide support for the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA). The Semantic Core of OsEra will include formalized concepts of the FEA to enable and facilitate support for and system mappings to the FEA Reference Models:

  • Business Reference Model (BRM) Provide Business Model representation capabilities that map roles, collaborations, and other business process concepts to the BRM.
  • Performance Reference Model (PRM) Provide a Platform Independent Model that can simulate business processes and activities across Lines of Business providing a framework enabling definition and tracking of performance metrics. Business processes can be simulated enabling the performance impact of changes in system architecture to be assessed before any system is actually changed.
  • Service Reference Model (SRM) Provide Line of Business modeling and publishing facilitating the sharing of common services or service modules across agencies.
  • Technical Reference Model (TRM) Provide mapping of components to higher levels of the FEA. OsEra will also enable generation of executable components from the architecture definition.
  • Data Reference Model (DRM) Provide mapping capabilities between information models and DRM elements.

Active SubProjects

  • Federal Enterprise Architecture Reference Model Ontology (FEA-RMO) There is a current GSA-supported project to create a demonstration prototype of the OsEra architecture. In producing the infrastructure for this prototype, a formal Ontology of four of the Reference Models of the FEA (BRM, PRM, SRM and TRM) was created, the "FEA Reference Model Ontology (FEA-RMO)." Although the project itself does not end until February 2005, the first version of FEA-RMO has been completed.
  • Maintenance of the Federal Enterprise Architecture is currently being led by Mr. Richard Murphy of GSA's Enterprise Architecture Office (mailto:richard.murphy@gsa.gov).


  • Direct Tagging of EA Models and Artifacts with FEA Semantics
  • Support of OMB-300 generation

Related Work & Resources

Closed SubProjects

  • Work in Progress.