A principal objective of OsEra is to fully represent an Enterprise Architecture (EA) model in all its aspects and to provide facilities that incrementally (and to as great an extent as possible, automatically) articulate the model to sufficient detail for system simulation and generation (provisioning).

Accomplishing this requires a methodology by which to construct the EA model. It is intended that, like all OsEra components and facilities, a wide variety of methodologies can be accommodated the framework.

The EA Methodology developed in OsEra to date is that employed by the GSA to develop its "One GSA" Architecture, the EA of the GSA.

Active SubProjects

  • OsEra EA Methodology is being evolved in the context of the OneGSA Architecture program.


  • As other stakeholders join the OsEra community, additional EA Methodology SubProjects will be defined.

Related Work & Resources

Closed SubProjects

  • Under Construction