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Project Organization

The OsEra Architecture is a framework into which component plug-ins are inserted. The concept of a plug-in is recursive; for example, an Integrated Modeling Environment can be based on Eclipse which itself is a plug-in environment. OsEra components are assembled into "Software EcoSystems" that suit the purpose for which they were intended. Two OsEra environments may look very different, but adhere to the same high level architecture.

Projects in OsEra define different viewpoints

  1. The OsEra Model  The definition of the framework and its elements that comprise OsEra at a definitional level.
  2. OsEra Infrastructure   The creation of the functional elements and environments that create an operational OsEra environment that can accommodate an Enterprise Architecture definition in all its necessary aspects and transform it to a full or partially operational system.


  • The OsEra Model

    • OsEra Software Architecture  provides a formal technical and organizational model of OS-ERA.

    • Semantic Core provides a common representation of language constructs in the MOF built out of representations of common concepts in the library providing the basis to manage the system defined in a family of related languages, all defining the same system. We also have the basis for transformations among these languages, for simulating systems and for unifying the documentation of a system, e.g., UML, EDOC, OWL, and the FEA.

    • Federal Enterprise Architecture Support provides support for the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA). The Semantic Core of OsEra will include formalized concepts of the FEA to enable and facilitate support for and system mappings to the FEA Reference Models.

  • OsEra Infrastructure

    • OsEra Platform - The Enterprise Service Bus
    • Metadata Management provides a "smart" repository for architectures at multiple levels of abstraction, from multiple sources and with multiple views. This infrastructure will integrate the OMG-Meta Object Facility (MOF) and Resource Description Framework (RDF) and RDF-Schema as defined by W3C as part of the "Semantic Web" initiative and will integrate the specification and provisioning concepts of the OMG Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

    • Enterprise Architecture Methodology develops/adapts methodologies used to construct an Enterprise Architecture (EA) model in all its aspects and to provide facilities that incrementally (and to as great an extent as possible, automatically) articulate the model to sufficient detail for system simulation and generation (provisioning).

    • Integrated Modeling Environment provides an environment that integrated analysis, design, and provisioning tools, integrated through the MetadataManagement/SemanticCore facilities.

    • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Transformation Engine

    • Semantic Web for Architectures
    • Policy Engine