The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)

What is the FEA?

The mission of the FEA is to transform the Federal government to one that is citizen-centered, results-oriented, and market-based, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is developing the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), a business-based framework for government-wide improvement.  The FEA is managed by the FEA-PMO.

Federal Enenterprise Architecture Reference ModelsThe FEA is being constructed through a collection of interrelated “reference models” designed to facilitate cross-agency analysis and the identification of duplicative investments, gaps, and opportunities for collaboration within and across Federal Agencies.  More information about the FEA reference models is available here.

How does the FEA relate to OsEra?

As an architecture and modeling environment, OsEra embraces the FEA and provides the capability to produce and integrate the FEA concepts and viewpoints into enterprise and systems architectures.  The FEA concepts are part of the semantic core and FEA specific artifacts can be produced.

Current Work


Fea-rmo is an OWL ontology of the FEA produced as part of OsEra.

FEA support in Component-X

FEA support has been added to Component-X (An OsEra modeling tool) to provide for attaching FEA "Aspects" to architectures and for generating FEA deliverables.

FEA concepts in Semantic Core

FEA concepts have influenced the development of the semantic core but explicit support for FEA concepts have not yet been added.

Next Steps

As a next steps, the full complement of FEA-RMO concepts will be integrated with the semantic core and integration provided with FEA repositories and artifacts. Ultimately OsEra is envisioned to become a full FEA modeling and repository environment.

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