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Data Access Technologies is partnered with the U.S. General Services Administration to produce and support the OsEra sponsored open source program. Its mission is to provide government and industry with a reference architecture and ready-to-run toolset and platform that enables business objectives to be realized more quickly and less expensively using an integrated approach to enterprise, business and technology architectures.

The home page of the GSA OsEra project can be found here.


Data Access Technologies

Data Access Technologies is the initial OsEra partner, providing much of the foundation architecture and development.  DAT works with sponsors and customers to build, expand and utilize OsEra.  Commercial support for OsEra is continuing under ModelDriven.org.

OsEra Technical Foundations

OsEra builds on established industry directions and standards, including:

Presentations and White Papers

OsEra Projects

OsEra supports ongoing projects in the definition of its framework and infrastructure including its Software Architecture and Semantic Core. OsEra has a series of projects to develop OsEra components.  Each component of OsEra is designed to "plug into" the overall OsEra reference architecture.  OsEra components are, in most cases, open source but both open source and commercial components can be integrated.

Demonstrations and Downloads

  • OsEra Technology Stack Overview  A project is currently underway in the GSA to produce a demonstration prototype of an OsEra provisioning environment. This document provides a technical overview of the work.
  • Software downloads are not yet available.

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